Beverage Labels

Beverage labels- Factors to Consider when Choosing One!

The beverage label market is thriving. Visit the drink aisle of your local market and you will see a multitude of brands, types, and flavors of sugar-free juices, no-calories soda, bottled water and other beverages.

What is the first thing your eyes are drawn to? The label.

What are beverage labels?

Beverage labels need to be very well made in order to stand up to handling, moisture, and temperature changes. Attractive and high-quality labels are the key to making better first impressions. If moisture is your concern, laminate finishing can help prevent condensation and product contents from damaging your design. Another option that works well against moisture for beverage products is Film labels.

Kieran Label Corporation (KLC) offers a wide range of custom and thermal labels for a variety of beverage containers. The company has provided thermal labels to many national brands.

Different Types of Beverage Labels

When it comes the subject of beverage labels, there are many types of containers being used including aluminum, plastic and glass bottles. The type of label you choose can change due to your specific container. Depending on the kind of drink you produce, you may choose a plastic bottle, carton or aluminum can

Some of the popular yet different types of beverage labels available are:
  • Shrink leaves
  • Pressure-sensitive labels
  • Glued labels
Kieran Label Corporation can help you to choose the best adhesive and label, depending on your needs and budget.

Things to Consider when Buying Custom Beverage labels

When deciding to purchase beverage labels, there are a few factors you should consider, such as:
  • The color options, label design, and custom branding
  • Government mandated consumer information
  • Storage conditions
  • Turnaround times and budget
  • High-quality and unique, attractive designs

Picking the Right Beverage Label

Choosing the right beverage label is important. You need to know about its use and where it will be stored. The first things to consider when picking the right beverage label is whether your products will be stored outside or inside, and how much they will be exposed to water and sunlight.
The three common label stock options are –
  • Foil labels- this is a premium label option available. It provides an eye-catching metallic look.
  • Film labels- These labels are water resistant as well as durable
  • Paper Labels- These are traditional and the least expensive option available.
Depending on your specific needs and brand image, Kieran Label Corporation can provide you with many face-stock options in every category.

Selecting the best label adhesive

Selecting adhesive is another important factor to consider. It largely depends on the special requirements or the durability of the product. The two primary options to choose from are removable and permanent label adhesive. If you need a removable label, then special adhesive is used so that the label peels away easily without leaving any residue behind.

Likewise, a permanent label may need a special adhesive that stands against condensation, humidity, and moisture that are commonly seen in beverage storage areas.

Getting the perfect Beverage Label

No matter what beverage you are selling, if its label is not eye-catching and attractive, it cannot help pull customers toward your brand. In marketing, a product only has one chance to make a first impression.

There are a plethora of design options and printing materials available to create the perfect label. And it is critical to choose wisely. At Kieran Label Corporation, we work hard every day to provide our customers with unique and catchy designs that grab consumer’s attention. Whether you are looking for a juice label or any other beverage label, we offer an assortment of custom printing solutions and designs catering to your needs and budget.