Clamshell Labels

Custom Clamshell Labels

Clamshell containers are used for food packaging and several other purposes. They are considered to be quite fashionable and the favorite containers with protective seals. Clamshell labels are used by producers to provide descriptive information about the product inside.

Clamshell labels also highlight your brand, key product information, as well as pricing. They make it clear for consumers to determine if the package has been previously opened. Clamshell labels are also referred to tamper evident labels.

If you are looking for a highly reliable and reputable business that can help you with high-quality custom clamshell labels that fit your precise needs, contact Kieran Label Corporation (KLC) today.

We are eager to partner with you to meet or exceed your clamshell label requirements with cost-effective solutions. Our high-quality clamshell labels boost the overall value and appearance of your product packaging. We can deliver an impressive range of attractive and functional clamshell labels, in a broad variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

Kieran Label Corporation will work with you every step to ensure we satisfy your clamshell label requirements.We can create labels that exactly match your design using dazzling graphics and colors. We have decades of experience working with a multitude of adhesive/material combinations.

We offer exceptional color printing and special effects such as textured varnishes, foil stamping, screen printing, and have a large assortment of environmentally friendly packaging choices to satisfy every need.

In order to start defining the best solution for your clamshell label needs, talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives today. The KLC team will work tireless to achieve an amazing solution. We offer the most complete, cost-conscious, high-quality label options for your pressure-sensitive requirements.

Features of KLC’s Clamshell Labels

The highly professional KLC team works every day to make state-of-the-art clamshell labels. We have the best people and great equipment to achieve your goals and ours. Our clamshell labels include many features, like:
  • Top-quality material
  • Best finish and superior clamshell labeling accuracy
  • Extensive and innovative custom printing techniques
  • Varying sizes and shapes
  • High productivity
  • Flexible and printed labels
  • Expanded content labels
  • Inexpensive solution to reliable and fast pressure sensitive labeling
  • Easy to use labeling system
  • Courteous services and fast delivery
We are more than just a custom label company. We are proud of our partnership role in the success of each and every customer who entrusts their business to us.

Our label materials and presses come from the top brands in the industry, which allows us to fulfill our customers’ needs each and every time. We would be honored to have you join us in our mission.

Our sole focus is on designing and producing innovative clamshell labels that meet or exceed customer requirements. Our experience and abilities help us meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

For more information about us, our label materials and processes, feel free to contact our team. Talk to one of our professional designers to discuss your requirements and let them help you with your clamshell label needs.

We are leaders in clamshell labels and flexographic label printing, so contact us now and make your food and other products look more amazing!

With flexible label printing methods, premium choices in finishes & materials, we guarantee you will be happy you chose to work with our professionals in order to fulfill your custom clamshell label needs. Call us now, tell us your needs, and we’ll design the best label for you.

Make your products stand out from the competition on store shelves with our unique labels.