Clear Labels

What are the Benefits of Choosing Clear Labels?

Since clear labels are transparent, they let your package and product shine through, while functioning exactly like ordinary labels. You know the advantages that captivating packaging can offer in building brand image and boosting sales. In today’s crowded market, more businesses like yours prefer to use clear labels to take advantage of the marketing benefits and flexibility that they bring.

You want your product image to grab the attention of customers and enhance your sales. Use clear labels on your products. Achieve the “no-label” look for your products by contacting Kieran Label Corporation (KLC) for all your clear label requirements. Our tailor-made clear labels are perfect for highlighting your products and giving them an elegant finish. Use them on your marketing materials, accessories, packaging, and more.

Kieran Label Corporation is proud to deliver superior quality clear label printing at very competitive pricing. We work hard every day to offer our consumers the best pricing through our great customer service team and easy-to-use website. Clear labels not only help to make your products look more attractive but offer several other benefits too.

Benefits of Using Clear Labels

Cost-effective solution

Use of clear labels on product packaging gives a neat, clean, and a very professional appearance.The same effect can be achieved by printing directly onto product containers but that requires specialized printing equipment and is expensive for shorter runs. Using clear labels achieves the same effect but at a much lower cost.

Build trust

Clear labels make your products more visible, especially on clear containers. It helps ensure transparency about product details which can strengthen the trust people have in your brand. People prefer buying bottled water with clear labels instead of opaque. As evidence of this, you will see that almost all bottled water manufacturers use clear labels.

Accentuate bold colors

Clear labels on colored items can make them stand out in stores as the design and material will not cover up your product color. The patterns, graphics, and cutouts on clear labels are easily visible. Also, they can reduce your material and ink costs.

Drive more sales

Unseen is unsold. Today, consumers prefer to purchase products with clear packages which provide a clear view of what is inside. The appearance of your product matters most when it comes to sales. Make your packaging innovative with clear labels and boost your sales versus other products in opaque containers or with obstructive labels.

Stylish and interesting effect

Clear labels give your products a more modern and stylish look compared to opaque labels. This is the major reason why many products considered chic or cool utilize clear labels. With a little imagination, these labels can be used to create a range of effects. Any product can be made interesting with a cleverly designed label.

In review, the use of clear labels is a great way to provide an edge to your products in the market, give them a modern feel, and build trust among shoppers.

If you are looking for a partner to help discover the best solutions for your requirements, discuss your clear labeling needs with Kieran Label Corporation. Let us know what you want and we will work diligently to meet or exceed your expectations. If you are not quite sure, please let our team know. We will give you our ideas and options, and together we will make your packaging more engaging and special.

Do you have any questions or need help with anything else? We are always here to help! Our printing specialists are available to listen to your questions and offer our solutions. Contact KLC today for your clear labels needs and let us be a part of your success.