Coffee & Tea Labels

Need an Expert for Coffee & Tea Labels?

As with all food products, label for beverages like coffee and tea are very critical elements of your brand strategy. Labels familiarize consumers with who you are and provide a large amount of important information that is helpful to the consumer and often required by the producer in governmental regulations.

Whether your produce tea or coffee, the labels make people aware of where and how your product was grown, processed, and finally delivered to consumers.

Coffee & tea labels have benefits we will discuss later, but let us first be clear how food labeling came into existence.

Birth of Food and Beverage Labeling

Food and Beverage labels have been used for many decades in virtually all countries, with the United States as a standard-bearer. At first, not many people paid attention to them. Due to growing awareness of the risks and illnesses linked to poor eating habits, consumers have started focusing on the nutritional values printed on food package labels.

The primary role of food labeling is to make consumers aware of the food manufacturer, nutritional values, and ingredients.

The label also advises about specific potential food risks such as possible allergens.

This critical information lets the consumer know whether the contents are suitable for them and their dietary choices.

What to Include on Your Coffee & Tea Labels

Unlike some other products, beverage labeling requires manufacturers to conform to strict regulations. There are instances where it is not necessary to go through complicated nutrition labeling process, such as raw or unprocessed foods.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration requires every processed food product to have a nutrition label on it.

Here is the list of information required for all coffee & tea labels sold in the United States
  • Name of the product
  • Company information, including name and address
  • Ingredients
  • Barcode
  • Net Weight of the product
  • Nutritional Value
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Why You Need Expert for Coffee & Tea Labels?

Tea and coffee products are in high demand in both consumer and commercial markets. Both are irregular by nature which can lead to adhesion problems.

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Wrapping Up

KLC is one stop solution for your label requirements. Call our friendly and professional customer service representatives today, and let us know how Kieran Label can help you today.