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A Synopsis of Consumer Product Labels

In a world where ‘brand matters,’ staying in front of the competition is a constant challenge. Today, every business works hard to make expand its presence, by looking for the best way to outshine others in the global market. If you are in product-related businesses, then you are very familiar with ‘Consumer Product Labels.’ If not, let’s look at it in detail.

What are consumer product labels?

Consumer product labels are a significant way to identify and differentiate a product, along with packaging and branding. A product label can be anything from imprinted metal, leather, paper, plastic, or fabric. It can be an integral part of the package or might be attached to it. It may show the contents, product price, the name and location of the producers or any information that would be beneficial to the consumer.

The consumer product label could also be an informative seal, wrapper or tag attached to a product or its package.

Types of labels

There are wide assortments of labels in the market. Each serves a specific aim, depending on the product. These include:
  • Nutritional/health information
  • Basic product information
  • Contact information
  • Safety warning
  • Brand information/logo
  • Cleaning/ maintenance details
  • Usage/operation instructions and more

Uses of consumer product labels

Every seller wants to its products to be at the top of the consumer’s mind. Consumer product labels play a vital role in achieving that goal. They help differentiate your products from competitive offerings. Labels are one of the most effective tools to impact the shelf appeal and prospects for your product. It provides specific information about the quality, price, brand image, quantity, contents and use to the customers.

In most countries, products such as pharmaceuticals and foods are required by law to contain specific and detailed labels regarding nutritional information, dosage, refrigeration needs, expiration dates, usage information, or listing ingredients.The primary purpose of such labels is to provide information such as manufacture date, expiration date, product manufacturer, ingredients, safe handling, and how to use it.

Several types of symbols may be used on packaging are nationally and/or internationally standardized. Symbols usually exist for product certifications, purchase proof, and trademarks.

Consumer product labels, as described by the name provide all the information related to that product for the consumer. It includes ingredients, caution to uses, its usage, batch number, manufacturing date etc.

Different uses of consumer product Labels

Here are a few essential uses of product labeling.
  • Differentiating the product
Product labeling plays an important role in identifying the product. For example, when a particular product in offered in different configurations, labeling helps the consumer recognize and choose the right variety that they desire. For instance- let’s talk about the manufacturers of Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

They offer three types of tea. To differentiate each one of them, they use red, yellow and green colored labels.
  • Provide statutory warnings
Products are often required by law to include statutory warning labels. An obvious example is tobacco products which require a Surgeon General’s warning label.

These warnings are required to ensure the consumer has been advised of the risks of using the product.

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Incorrect or missing labels can lead to fines and other criminal penalties in many countries. In general, governmental mandated regulatory rules can be complicated, and often contradictory.

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