Coupon Labels

What are Coupon Labels and Their Common Uses

Custom coupon labels are an excellent method to offer Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC) or to promote rebates. Coupon labels are multi-layer labels, specially designed to attract consumer attention to existing services and products.

They can be printed on one or two sides of a product with a choice of peel-off or multi-layer.

To build your awareness and loyalty or entice consumers to switch to a new product, coupon labels are the solution that can work for you.

Coupon labels create sense of excitement, uniqueness, and value for a product when printed using the vibrant four-color process technique.

When you are searching for a reputable and reliable partner to assist you with your coupon label needs, please consider Kieran Label Corporation (KLC). We are a proud company with broad experience in many industries, and remain eager to help you achieve your goals with high-quality and budget conscious label solutions.

We have the capability and experience to design a large variety of coupon labels. Our talented and professional team members look forward to assisting with your instant redeemable coupon label project.

Kieran Label Corporation produces the highest-quality Coupon Labels

KLC will help you stand out from the competition by producing value-added, cost-effective IRC labels for your products.

Choose us as your coupon label partner and we will do our utmost to meet or exceed your expectations. Our innovative design processes enable us to supply the most advanced coupon labels.The use of clear liners allows you to view the products underneath when the coupons are removed.

All layers of the coupon labels we produce can include full-color images, variable data, copy, or other print. KLC’s coupon labels or instantly redeemable coupon labels feature a clean, easy to remove, and easy to redeem top layer that leaves no residue.

Labels are more than just product identifier to us. Labels are our life! That is why we print a wide range of special-purpose coupon labels. These labels can be designed and printed with several types of adhesives and finishes which can significantly boost your sales.

Applications for Coupon Labels

  • Discounts on health & beauty, dairy, dry grocery, meat, frozen products, and cleaning supplies
  • Cross promotion and selling
  • Rebates for electronics, movies, and games
  • Attractive game pieces to drive more traffic to your website or to boost customer engagement
  • Additional languages
  • On-pack promotions, and more

Uses and Benefits of Coupon Labels

  • Coupon labels are a great way to improve product demand and provide instant consumer gratification with special offers and savings that can be reclaimed at checkout.
  • Removable coupons labels provide several options such as “redeem at checkout” or “peel off and mail in”.
  • Some uses for coupon labels include IRC, recipes, codes, drawings, sweepstakes, serving suggestions, and more.
  • Coupons labels are perfect to control your product packaging cost as labels are cheaper, fast to market, and easier to design than new product packaging. After you order your coupon labels, all you have to do is apply them to the existing product packaging.
  • We print multi-layer coupon labels so that you can add additional product information including instruction, recipes, ingredients, multiple languages, and more.
Add coupon labels to your products to boost your sales and your brand recognition. Our friendly, professional customer service representatives are available to help you now and answer any questions you may have. Talk to our team today call or you may send any questions to us via email. Contact us today to help you upgrade your coupon label program.