CPSC Labels

High-End CPSC Labels

CPSC labels are used on products used in the consumer household environment. By law, these labels must comply with regulations established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and similar state agencies.

CPSC labels are applied to goods that are marketed to consumers, including electronics, cleaning products, convenience goods, and the whole array of things people use every day.

Manufacturers of consumer products are required to follow the often rigorous CPSC guidelines that ensure the safety of people. Producers of these goods know their reputation is on the line, and must partner with an experienced and reputable CPSC label supplier who can meet or exceed these labelling regulations each and every time.

Kieran Label Corporation (KLC) is an award-winning label manufacturer and converter in the United States. KLC has been supplying CPSC labels for more than thirty years. This family-owned company is today a leading supplier of pressure sensitive labels to some of the popular brands.

The company has received the ‘Grand Prize Print Excellence and Knowledge’ award for creating vibrant flat-panel television labels.

Vibrant Labels Influence Consumer Purchases

Vibrant and compelling labels can play a critical role in encouraging people to buy your consumer products. Such a label can grab your customer’s attention and convey a strong message to buyers about your product.

Color is another important factor that can make impression on the consumer. Color selection can support your brand, mimic the product inside, and change the buyer’s impression of your brand and product. You can use an array of different colors to catch the eye of a consumer on a crowded shelf.

A label that contains useful product information beyond CPSC regulations can prove to the consumer that your product is better than competition.

A well-designed label can have an emotional effect on the prospective buyer. According to different studies, people are influenced by color. For example, the color red increases the heart rate, increases appetite and evokes strong emotions. This is undoubtedly a reason many popular companies including Heinz, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Honeywell, etc. have used so much of red on their labels.

Why Hire Kieran Label Corporation for CPSC Labels

Kieran Label Corporation serves small, medium and large companies with the same passion and quality. Every day, we create custom pressure sensitive labels for a variety of industries, including agriculture, food & beverage, medical supplies, distribution, and more.

If you need CPSC labels, our cutting-edge capabilities can offer you a quality labelling solution. At KLC, we have a broad range of printing options, adhesives, and printing material to choose from.

What Makes us Market Leader in CPSC Labeling

We have more than three decades of experience in electronic, consumer, industrial, and agricultural labels. We can also manufacture custom label material, so you select custom label stock and adhesive to meet your exacting needs.

Our capabilities-

Unconventional Converting Capabilities

Your label is where a prospective customer will learn about your product. KLC will partner with you to differentiate your product from the competition by providing vibrant labels at affordable prices.

Innovative design and decorating techniques

  • Dynamic and unique combination of contrast, texture, and color represent the personality of your brand
  • Great selection of materials

Improve your products’ appearance

  • Various face-stocks and materials can enhance the overall appearance of your products.
  • We have a wide range of options and we work with you to select the optimal solution

Great product experience

Whether it is a desktop computer, flat-panel television, ink cartridge, digital cable box, software package, or any other consumer good, KLC has the ability to help you. With extensive industry experience, we know how to match CSA/UL agency specifications. When applied to your products, our labels complement the overall quality of your products.

For more information about our CPSC labeling, talk to our customer support representatives today!