Direct Thermal Labels

Few Common Applications and Advantages For Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels are designed and manufactured using special materials and then used by businesses with direct thermal printers. A direct thermal printer uses a heated print head to heat specific areas of thermal paper thereby creating an image.

When paper passes over the thermal print head, the heated area turns black, producing an image.

Direct thermal printers are capable of print two colors - black and red images are printed by applying two different temperatures.

Unlike thermal transfer printing, no ribbon, ink, or toner is used in the direct thermal method.

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Difference Between Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer

There are two primary technologies used by thermal label printers, namely Direct Thermal Printing and Thermal Transfer Printing.

Both methods contain a thermal print head that uses heat to create images.

Thermal transfer printers need a heated ribbon to produce the image on materials whereas direct thermal printing has the ability to produce image directly on the material.

Uses of Direct Thermal Printing

Most consumers are not aware of this printing technique, but they utilize this technology in most places where they make purchases.

This is the same process used to print debit and credit card transaction receipts and most restaurant bills. For decades, this technology was used in fax machines.

At first, direct thermal labels were limited to poultry and dairy products, but with the tremendous improvement in both direct thermal papers and printers, its use in many commercial applications has dramatically increased. Direct thermal is now common in information kiosks, product shipping, gas stations, casino voucher printers and many others.

Today, direct thermal printing technology continues to advance. That will only result in more use of direct thermal printing and papers.

Common applications of Direct Thermal Labels

  • One of the most common uses of direct thermal labels is barcode printing. Barcodes are used for many new uses, such as shipping labels, ticket printing, patient wristband, receipts, and products.
  • Coupon printing
  • Event ticket printing
  • Visitor passes, etc
  • For case ready foods and beverages
  • Transportation
  • Health care
  • Logistics
  • Prescription drug labels
In short, the direct thermal labels are ideal just about anywhere there is a need for a short-term labeling.

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Benefits of Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels are very cost-effective since they print on continuous sheets or rolls and can handle high volumes.

Unlike thermal transfer, they do not require thermal ribbons, making them environmentally friendly as well. The ribbons used in thermal transfer labels are made from crude oil products that have negative effects on the environment, and are quite expensive too.

A few of the benefits of direct thermal labels include:
  • The printing process is faster which saves time and eliminates the need to purchase, store, and reload ribbons
  • Reduction in physical inventory
  • Eliminates the risk of wrinkling that can be caused by ribbons
  • New BPA-free thermal papers are meant to produce cleaner print than before.
While direct thermal labels have label printing advantages, they are not well-suited for labels that must remain readable for long periods, as the direct thermal papers are sensitive to harsh environments, lights, heat and excessive contact.

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