Food Labels

Why are Food Labels Important?

Food labels help us make better and more informed choices at the grocery store. The information available on the food labels makes it easier for consumers to compare foods and choose one which contains the nutrients they want.

Food labels help people to make healthy choices for themselves and their family. They allow us to choose and regulate the amount of sugar, cholesterol, and fat in our diet since we can easily compare the relative amounts among a number of brands and select the one that matches our preferences.

In today’s market, more people are conscious of and concerned about their diet, and they prefer to know the nutritional values and ingredients found in the food before selecting and buying any product. Protecting consumers and offering them choice are the most important reasons why foods labels are required.

Food labels not only make it easy for customers to choose the nutritional value they want but can also make your food products more attractive and compelling.

If you are associated with this industry, you fully understand the value of product labels. All you need now is a reliable and reputable partner who will work with you to design and produce interesting and valuable food labels for your products.

Kieran Label Corporation (KLC) can be your best choice. With decades of experience in many different industries, we understand your food label needs.

We will assist you by printing custom food labels that drive attention to your products on store shelves. Whether you require labels, flexible packets, shrink sleeves or stickers, we can help you in printing everything in accordance with FDA guidelines.

Make Your Food Products Labels Stand Out

Food labels can be for vegetables, fruits, snacks, sauces, seasonings, condiments, and more. They should be flexible to withstand different environmental conditions like sunlight, moisture, and exposure to chemicals.

At KLC, we know which methods are ideal to ensure your food product labels can stand up to environmental conditions without bleeding, smudging, and fading.

There are two primary types of food labels:
1.  Industry-provided labels: Such types of labels are placed at the discretion of the manufacturer. They are used on the front of the food package.

2.  Legally required labels: These labels are governed by regulations for food packaging. They are often on the back of the food package and offer information like nutritional value and ingredients.

Food labels contain information such as:
  • Nutritional information, for example, fat and calories
  • Ingredients including additives like emulsifiers, coloring, and preservatives
  • Best to use before date
  • Serving size
  • Where the foods come from
  • Serving size
As natural and organic food options have become highly appreciated by customers, our clear or transparent food labels can help you in emphasizing the natural aspect of your food products as they can be seen clearly through the label.

Apart from the latest trends (for example, GMO-free, organic, and natural), it is vital to market your brand message and the unique benefits your food products offer.

Please call our friendly, professional customer service tem if you have any questions related to food labels. Our support team is up-to-date on label trends. They can provide you with suggestions to meet or exceed your food labeling requirements.

Contact Kieran Label today to discuss your needs with our designers. Give them the opportunity to create unique label designs for your food products. Our team members work tirelessly every day to beat your expectations every time.

We both know how critical high-quality, informative, eye-catching food labels are to you and your customers. To meet your goals, please rely only on a highly experienced labeling company with a proven record of food label success.