Fruit & Produce Labels

Fruit & Produce Labels

Printing custom fruit and vegetable labels can be a difficult process. Whether you need labels for apples, tomatoes, or even cantaloupe, creating them is complex because these labels have to withstand a wide range of temperatures, moisture, constant handling, and more. Fruit and produce labels not only must comply with FDA regulations, but also need to attract consumer attention with vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics.

If you sell packaged fruits and produce, labels become even more important. A well-designed beautiful label will make your raw foods look more appealing and separate them from competitive offerings. Even if you sell locally, a well-designed label not only makes your products look amazing but also helps define your brand identity to new customers. Do your fruit and produce labels meet the all applicable label standards and regulations? If you are in the market for a reliable label with decades of experience in your market, Kieran Label Corporation (KLC) can be your best choice. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the printing of custom fruit and produce labels.

Our ISO9001.2015 certified team has built the processes and capabilities to meet all regulatory and industry standards for quality. Our label printing presses can deliver labels with quality text and clear, impressive graphics. We focus on the quality of the labels first. We create labels that can look great under many different handling methods and operating conditions. Fresh and bright imagery and colors on your food and produce labels will tempt the taste buds of your customers.

Various Benefits of Fruit & Produce Labels

  • Makes the produce look more attractive
  • Adds credibility and value to your brand
  • Helps consumer know where their produce came from, and who you are
  • Allows consumers to learn more about your produce, where you grow them and how to reach out to you (i.e. website)
  • Offers insights to those factors that make your produce special, such as when and where they were harvested, and how they were grown (conventional, organic, non-GMO)
Fruit and Produce Labels can raise consumer understanding of where and how their food was produced. With all the benefits of fruit and produce labels, the next step is to determine what kind of material your labels should be made from. Choosing the right label material is an important consideration. Most importantly, the label material and adhesive must be safe for human consumption. Choosing the wrong material can obviously create a disaster. We have a variety of food-safe labeling materials available in our stock that are a perfect fit for your fruit and produce labels. If you tell us what your produce is, we ensure to use the right FDA-approved material.

At KLC, we offer hands-on budget-conscious consultation services and solutions for that suit your brand, or meet any other order complexities. With custom label designs and label inventory management, we are here to assist you with your label requirements. We will happily guide you through the process from concept to finished product, and help you identify the right material, design, and printing solutions so that you can get the perfect labels for your food and produce items. We have the expertise and knowledge to deliver extensive solutions, such as:

Film and paper labels that match FDA needs

  • Completely recyclable labels
  • Durable adhesives that make sure your labels stick securely to your products
  • Pressure sensitive labels
  • Safe, efficient, and effective solutions
If you would like to know more about fruit and produce labels or FDA regulations, then please reach our customer service team via call, text or email. Get in touch with us today and we will make sure you receive the best possible custom food and produce labels!