Jar Labels

High-Quality & Custom Jar Labels from KLC

Are you into making pickles, applesauce, tomato sauce, jams, compote, etc.? If yes, you need jar labels.

Jar labels are like a book cover. Books need covers, and your jar needs a label. These labels contain all related information concerning your product such as brand, brand image, ingredients, directions for use, production date, and other necessary topics that apply to the contents.

Jar labels are great for mason jars, spice jars, canning jars, candles, and more. Whether you want to advertise your brand, identify your products, or differentiate your products, printable jar labels are the cost effective solution for you.

Jar labels will adhere to the most surfaces such as plastic, glass, and others.

If you are searching for a trustworthy label printing industry partner, Kieran Label Corporation (KLC) is the perfect choice for you.

Our high-quality and innovatively designed jar labels will make your brand and products look more appealing on store shelves. We provide an exclusive and impressive collection of jar labels in different shapes and sizes to fit your product needs.

Our jar labels come in printed or blank, in rolls or sheets for your convenience.Choose from a broad variety of label materials your for jar labels. We offer weatherproof jar labels that will remain intact and functional even when they come into contact with moisture or water. These labels are perfect for products like pickles, jams, sauces, and others.

We can custom design, manufacture, and supply a wide range of jar labels in more than thirty different materials and any size that fits your needs.

No matter which size, material, and shape you want, we have a huge collection of label shapes including oval labels, round labels, square labels, rectangular labels, even custom shapes for your specific requirements.

Also, our jar labels are available as glossy white labels, clear labels, white matte labels, foil labels, waterproof labels, and many more options.

Design and Print Unique Jar Labels

It is a mutually rewarding and enjoyable experience when you choose to design and purchase jar labels from KLC. We work with your creative experts to improve the appeal of your products and enhance the shelf-appeal and brand image of your fine products.

Kieran Label Corporation’s standard and attractive white matte material is self-adhesive or you can select any label material suits your needs and image.

Packaging your items to be sold in jars? Improve your products’ marketing value with our clear or glossy labeling materials. Let your product show through behind the label, while providing your customer with all the information they need to see.

We manufacture labels for jams, sauces, pickles, and other products. Our labels also help in branding, organizing, and gifting.

Personalize your theme, color, upload your logo, or select from our designs. You have a variety of options to select your label’s size, shape, banner, font, text, font size, font and background color, illustrations, label position, and more.

There are numerous benefits to our jar labels:
  • Can be printed easily
  • Labels are completely unique
  • Designing is really fast and free
  • Can write anything on the label surface
If you require water resistant and durable jar labels, we recommend you browse our services and order labels from our design and printing experts. Jar labels are perfect for use with:
  • Herb and spice jars
  • Varying sizes candle jars
  • Mason jars lids
  • Canning and glass jars
If you have a wide variety of jar label needs, we will partner with you to incorporate matching images and themes to build overall brand identity and consumer recognition. From our wide selection, you can select any label you that meets your standards. If you want, we can give you jar labels samples for free. Browse our gallery to find the design and size you want, and if do not see the type of label you want, please reach out to us today. Please let us know your needs, and we will try our best to meet or exceed your expectations.

Contact KLC for better value, better quality, and better pricing for your jar labels.