Labels For Textured Produce

Why it is Important to Use Quality Labels for Textured Produce

To succeed in today’s marketplace, it is vital to have great labels for textured produce such as cantaloupe, kiwi fruit, apples, potatoes, carrots and similar fruits and vegetables.

The right produce labels enhance them and especially your brand. Consumers can discover the value of your products versus the competition.

To achieve that lofty goal, you need to partner with a professional and reputable label company that has the capability to meet your demands and comply with all label requirements for food. The right label company will work with you to design an eye-catching label that can draw customer to your excellent produce.

Kieran Label Corporation (KLC) is a well-known name in the label industry. The company has been producing labels for textured produce for more than thirty years.This ISO certified company is a favorite producer and supplier of labels for a large array of industries.

Our Proficiency in Produce Labels

At Kieran Label Corporation, we provide the highest-quality produce labels, and that makes us a leading supplier. We can produce labels using most label materials, many colors, and special features. Basically, if you have a label, KLC can make it on time and at a fair price.

Every year KLC produces and supplies millions of produce labels for some of the largest fruit and vegetable growers. Our team of professionals have expertise in the specific needs of the agricultural industry. We understand how important the right label is for your agricultural products.

Whether you are looking for GS-1 data bar codes, PLU’s, RPC labels, two-sided clamshell labels, or anything else, we have the knowledge, expertise, and dedicated group of people ready to help you today. We will produce the label that best suits your label requirements.

Our team of professionals can assist you in the followings:

Piggyback pallet labels

FDA labeling guidelines

Cross-border logistics

Organic and country of origin requirements

Benefits of Labels for Textured Produce

There a many benefits of labels for textured produce. Major ones include:
  • The right label adds credibility to your brand
  • The label helps buyers know who you are and how to learn more about your product. It can tell them how to reach out to your business if you include your website, address, or QR code
  • Label lets your customer know what is unique about your produce, such as organic, non-GMO, etc.
  • Additionally, it offers information such as price look-up-code.

How to Pick Labels for Textured Produce That Are Right for You

You know the label regulations you need to follow, and so do we. In the United States, food labels are regulated by the government for every different food product.

Usually, produce and fruits do not require labels as long as they are not sold across state lines or out of the country. Still, an attractive label can enhance the value of your produce and help you engage with your target audience.

What Can You Expect From KLC

Choosing the quality labels for fruit and textured produce is a crucial consideration. You do not want produce to be pulled from the shelves just because of poor labeling.

At KLC, we are dedicated to offer right labels for textured produce.
  • We use the FDA approved adhesives only.
  • We follow the strict ISO-certified quality control process so that any problems can be eliminated before they leave our site.
  • Our clear labels give the better view of your product.
  • We are specialized in providing two-sided printing.
For more details, feel free to reach us anytime.