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Kieran Label Approved by IFCO to supply RPC Labels

San Diego, CA December 1, 2017 Kieran Label today announced it has been approved by IFCO Systems as a label supplier for IFCO Recycled Plastic Containers (RPCs). RPCs from IFCO are used across North America in the transportation of produce from leading growers to grocery retail establishments. The compatible label solution developed by Kieran Label will be used for the identification and tracking of these RPCs throughout the supply chain.

In announcing the partnership, Denis K. Vanier, CEO, stated: “We are proud to partner with IFCO Systems. Kieran Label brings a number of assets to the IFCO customer network. We are vertically integrated and maintain competitive pricing with excellent customer service. As an ISO 9001:2015 accredited supplier, we are truly committed to quality and have extensive experience in serving the needs of the agricultural market and other markets served by IFCO North America.”

“Heather Kniker, IFCO Systems stated”, "We are pleased to introduce Kieran Label to our customer network. We look forward to a long-term relationship with Kieran Label and to utilizing their extensive experience with label materials and adhesives for the benefit of IFCO customers.”

About IFCO Systems
IFCO North America is the leading provider of RPCs for fresh products including fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs and bananas. By partnering with leading producers and retailers IFCO is working to create North America's most cost- effective and sustainable supply chain. IFCO RPCs are used primarily to transport fresh products from producers to leading grocery retailers worldwide. IFCO's solutions help retailers and producers reduce costs and increase sales by maximizing efficiency, product protection, sustainability, and safety throughout their supply chains. IFCO is a member of the Brambles family of companies.

About KLC
Kieran Label is a vertically integrated supplier of custom labels. The company has been headquartered in San Diego County since 1979, and continues to be a leader in innovative label design and the highest quality manufacturing.

By controlling all aspects of manufacturing in-house, Kieran Label has a unique advantage in delivering rigid quality control, industry leading response times, and competitive pricing. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
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