Pallet Labels

Compliant Pallet Labels from Kieran Label Corporation

Pallet labels are important components needed to maintain efficiency and order in a bustling warehouse, logistics facility, or distribution center. Pallet labels are manufactured to attach to stretch wrap, wooden or plastic pallets, or even to corrugated cardboard boxes. A variety of logistics and pallet labels are used to designate ownership, routing/shipping instructions, and contents of pallets via bar-codes, descriptions, and lot numbers.

Custom barcoded pallet labels are used to convey unique handling instructions which are linked to a computerized database, where important information about the products can be stored.

Are you looking for a trustworthy name in the industry that can provide quality pallet labels? You have already reached the right destination.

Kieran Label Corporation (KLC) is a great choice to meet your needs. We have the ability and workforce to meet the expectations of each and every customer. Our professional design and production team specializes in custom pallet labels and works diligently to offer the finest pallet labeling solutions.

Quality Pallet Barcode Labels and Tags

Pallet labels can be applied at the point of manufacture, storage or shipment. They can be affixed manually by using a Label Printer or automatically via using an LPA (Label Printer Applicator). These labels can include both scan-able symbols and human-readable text, including SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code).

Legible pallet labels ensure goods delivery and that they are accepted at their destination. Our comprehensive collection of high-performance pallet labels offer reliability and durability in hostile situations, communicating necessary data relating to traceability, identification, warnings, process control, and logistics.

Pallet labels supplied by KLC are no different. We will work with you to understand the information required by your product and will create labels to ensure successful delivery at the ultimate destination.

Features of Pallet Labels

  • Manufactured for exceptional durability
  • Image is sealed properly
  • Superior legibility of graphics on silver/black background
  • High resistance to abrasion, chemicals, extreme temperatures, solvents, and UV
  • Superior performance holes and superior adhesion for mechanical attachment
KLC manufactures durable pallet labels to support product identification, logistics, and traceability for different companies, demanding applications, and industries. No matter your company size, we offer exceptional pallet label solutions that meet or exceed your requirements. We can offer a complete pallet label solution including labeling software, printers, printing consumables, label stock, and technical support to support in-house label printing.

Print and affix pallet labels which can scan every time, with reliable pallet labeling solutions from Kieran Label Corporation. With great pallet labels, you will see improved inventory control and save both money and time. Our self-adhesive, thermal printable and all-weather pallet labels are 100% recyclable, a great added benefit, and can be reused along with stretch wrap films.

For more information, feel free to contact us. For customized solutions, where you may not want to deal with in-house label printing, we can offer pre-printed pallet labels with your barcodes and serial numbers, suitable for all environments. We supply a wide range of pre-printed pallet labels from stock. Whatever variety of labels you require, we can create them in sheet and roll format in varying shapes and sizes using special cutting dies, UV curing, and flexographic printing. We are always ready to hear about your pallet label needs, offer our advice, and take your orders. For additional information, talk to our team of experts now. Discuss your pallet labels requirements in detail with our team and let them help you meet them. We will do our very best to help you fulfill your pallet label needs.