Piggyback Labels

Custom Piggyback Labels

A piggyback label is a multi-layer label and consists of two labels, where one label is on top of another label (i.e. piggyback). A piggyback label has five layers, namely:
  • a face material
  • an adhesive layer
  • a release liner
  • an adhesive layer
  • a backing sheet
A piggyback label allows two different labels to be used at once, characterized by its self-adhesive and removable panels. The upper layer can be removed and used elsewhere, whereas the lower layer remains adhered to the original surface. Depending on your requirements, the bottom layer can include:
  • similar information as the top label
  • additional information
  • no information: empty or blank
Bottom and top labels including the exact information are perfect for merchandise and asset tracking. The top label is used on the product, while the bottom label is placed on the sales sheet to verify the sale and inventory records.

You can apply a piggyback label to your product or packaging, and then the end user can remove the upper layer and stick it to a reply or warranty card. Have you seen piggyback labels in action? If you have ordered anything from Amazon, you definitely have. There are several uses for these creative piggyback labels such as merchandise returns, product registration, business reply cards, and more.

Applications of Piggyback Labels

  • Direct mail
  • Logistics industry
  • Prize draws
  • Schools
  • Publishing
  • Mail order
  • Promotions
  • Sweepstakes
  • Tax returns
  • Health-care industry
  • Product registrations
  • Business reply cards
  • Retail industry
  • Shipping industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry, and more
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