Plu Labels

What are PLU labels and how they Help in Brand Marketing

What are PLU Labels?

PLU label stands for Price Look-Up code label, and are also known by other names such as PLU numbers, produce codes, PLU codes and produce labels.

PLU labels can be found on various food items, including fruits, vegetables, and other unprocessed grocery items. They are primarily used on fresh produce products. The labels are attached to each and every piece of fresh produce in a lot. PLU labels act as identification for products from a single grower and lot, and help to make inventory control faster, easier, and more accurate.

Typically, PLU labels contain four-to-five digit codes that are assigned at random within the series. Organic products use different series of PLU numbers than traditional produce. For example, if apples are identified by PLU 1011, organic apples may use the code 3099.

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Origin of PLU Labels

In today’s crowded supermarkets, PLU labels are widely used to display the quality of the products and how and by whom the product was grown. The use of PLU Labels began in 1990 when supermarkets began to use them in their produce aisles. The primary aim for using these labels in use was to make inventory control and check-out procedure faster, easier, and more accurate. PLU labels also helped to ensure that the correct price was being charged.

They also help at check-out to help identify the product; for example, whether the food item is organic or traditionally grown.

Price Look-Up Code Certification

The numbering sequences we see on PLU labels on fresh unprocessed items such as oranges, apples, and bananas are certified and administered by IFPS (International Federation for Produce Standards). It is their responsibility to maintain the four-to-five codes (Four digits sometimes appear as the leading zeroes are always shown). These codes help to recognize the identity and specifics of individual products, including the type, size and growing conditions.

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How PLU Labels Can Add Value to Your Marketing Efforts-

When a company invests in high-quality PLU labels, it can do so much to help the brand and its marketing.

Here are few ways PLU Labels help in marketing

PLU Labels are a great way to show additional information about your product to your customers. It can be used to highlight key information which may improve its sales potential, including service and contact details.

PLU Labels can also help your products stand out by offering a unique and bold images and statements on them. Think of a statement that can grab a buyer’s attention, for example ‘100% satisfaction guaranteed’.

Labels can be as powerful as your business card which you can use to deliver a specific message about you and your product to potential consumers.

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