Pressure Sensitive Paper Labels

Custom Pressure-Sensitive Paper Labels

A pressure-sensitive label can also be called a sticker. Pressure-sensitive labels can use film, foil, and/or paper in their construction. They do not need heat, water, or solvent to activate the adhesive. Simply peel them from their backing and apply moderate pressure to affix on the surface of a product.Pressure-sensitive labels can be applied to products by a labeling machine or by hand. Also known as PS labels, they are one of the most common label types in the market today.

PS labels are compatible and self-adhesive with almost all product types and container shapes and material. Key advantages of PS labels include low quantity requirements and ease of use. Here are some of the benefits of pressure sensitive paper labels:
  • Premium and modern look
  • Cost-effective solution in comparison with direct printing
  • No specified limit to label color and design combinations
  • Material and shape flexibility
  • No label look utilizing clear materials
  • Straightforward labeling option
  • Highly versatile
  • Excellent printing quality
  • Highly resistance even in direct sunlight and cold water
If you are in the market for a reliable and trustworthy label company for your pressure-sensitive labeling requirements, please consider Kieran Label Corporation (KLC). We are the one-stop shop for not only your pressure-sensitive labels but all other label and tag needs. We have the skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise to meet or exceed the label demands of our customers. Let us know what you need and our professional designers will help you choose the right labels that will complement your products and make them more engaging.

Capabilities of KLC Pressure Sensitive Labels

KLC’s pressure-sensitive paper labels materials come in broad array of well-known and inexpensive materials. Our pressure-sensitive paper labels include gloss paper labels, direct thermal labels, freezer adhesive labels, food-grade adhesive labels, general purpose adhesive labels, hammerlock adhesive labels, and more. Our goal is to manufacture and supply the very best pressure-sensitive labels to our current and future customers.

We are serving many diverse markets and can design and print a wide selection of labels to meet our customer’s many requirements. In our Southern California ISO9001.2015 certified factory, we are able and happy to partner with you to fulfill your pressure-sensitive label needs. Our printing capabilities include:
  • Custom illustrations and graphics
  • Vibrant clarity
  • Numerous color combinations
  • Printing on any foil, paper, or film material to suit your requirements
  • Premium and eye-catching finishes using silver, golden, or colored foils
  • Beautiful, durable, and clear finishing with laminates, gloss or matte varnishes
  • UV, Pantone, and water-based inks
  • Available in all sizes, great fit for any size package, bottle, or container
Our pressure-sensitive labels possess all of these qualities. We are ranked amongst the most trusted companies in the design, manufacture, and delivery of a huge range of Pressure-Sensitive Labels.

Features and Applications of Pressure-Sensitive Labels

  • Self-adhesive
  • Environmental friendly
  • Durable
  • Tear resistant
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Beverage
  • Food labels
  • Promotions
  • Personal care
  • Wine and spirits
  • Automotive
  • Household chemicals
Our innovative designers collaborate with our customers every day to make certain everything is on the right path. They will come to you to discuss what you need and then give their best recommendations. We work with all sizes of organizations in order to match their labeling needs. No matter what is your project size, just bring your requirements, and let us help you.

Have any doubt? Talk to our helpful customer service and creative team today, They are specialized in this field and dedicated to discovering the best solutions to your problems within your specified budget.

We help you go through the complete labeling process from start to end, offering you a smooth experience. Be ready to get amazing eye-catching labels that reinforce your brand, match your budget, and make your products outstanding on store shelves.