Qr Code Labels

Uses of QR Code Labels in Modern Day Marketing

QR (or Quick Response) Codes are widely used in different industries as marketing and advertising tools. QR code labels include a two-dimensional matrix barcode, and were initially designed in Japan for the automotive industry. Today, they are used as a tool to connect traditional marketing and online marketing.

These barcodes contain information about the product which is embedded in the code. A potential customer can scan the QR code label with their smartphone to access a webpage and get more information about a product, service, or company.

QR codes are machine-readable codes that can be read by scanning with smartphone apps. The app can be downloaded onto any smartphone and used to access the information linked to the code.

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Why are QR Code Labels Popular?

The initial use of QR code labels was limited to the automotive industry. However, due to their features including great storage and quick readability, they are becoming increasingly popular in a wide selection of industries. As these labels contain more information and are more reliable than traditional UPC barcodes, consumers can see them in other indstries, including communication, retail, entertainment, virtual stores, tourism, real estate, etc.

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Uses of QR Codes on Product Label and Packaging

Many business leaders are not yet aware that QR codes can help their business grow, but it is true! QR codes give companies the ability to offer customers more knowledge and information through a simple label scan. Moreover, they are affordable and can help in enhancing your web presence by increasing traffic.

Here are some ideas to consider on the use of QR Code Labels.

Social media is a key element for all businesses now. Today, Quick Response Codes (QR) can be added to custom labels that will take your buyers directly to official social media channels for your brand. To attract buyers, you may even offer a discount to customers who will use the code to follow social media profiles of your brand.

As you know content is king in digital marketing. You can promote your content using QR code labels on your goods. You can link the QR code to additional content that is promoting your item or brand.

Sometimes package size limits space available on the product itself. That may keep you from sharing everything you want customers to know about your company and product. However, with a QR code label on the package, you can reduce the clutter on your labels and still provide all the information you want to share.

Similar to social media profile links, you can use QR code labels as a way to connect your buyers to your brand or company website.

If you are hosting a business event, you can use QR codes to promote your event on your labels. Customers can scan the codes to see the invitation for the event.

As you can see, there are so many benefits and uses for using QR Code on product labels and packages, so why not get them printed on your product too? Kieran Label Corporation is the one name that has been successfully offering QR code label printing solution for years.