Scratch Off Labels

A Complete Guide to Scratch off labels

Scratch-off labels have been popularly used to make game cards, lottery tickets, telephone calling cards, and a variety of other uses for many years.

These labels are used to make scratch-off tickets for events such as business promotions, customer rewards, bridal shower games, baby shower games, and employee incentives.

What are Scratch-off Labels?

Generally, scratch-off labels are clear with adhesive on the back that helps them to stick to different kinds of surfaces. These labels come with scratch-off pigments on top that are carefully applied.

Like any regular label, scratch-off labels are quite simple to use. These peel and stick labels can either applied by machine or hand.

The fun and unique aspect of scratch off-labels is any text can be printed beneath the sticker. Whether you want to make your event fun or run an entertaining business promotion, scratch-off labels are a good option for you.

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable manufacturer of scratch-off labels, you should contact Kieran Label Corporation (KLC). Headquartered in San Diego, California, KLC is a leading supplier of scratch-off labels.

As well, KLC is a founding member of the ‘International Label Group’ further enhancing their reputation in the industry.

Where Can You Use Scratch off Labels

Most commonly, scratch-off Labels are applied to paper products, but your options do not stop there. They can also applied to glass, UV coated photo paper, Plexiglas, acrylic, ceramic, and glossy photo paper.

As with any label, you should avoid trying to adhere your scratch-off labels to rough surfaces like brick, unfinished wood, and the like because the label may tear or come loose while removing the upper scratch off pigment.

Scratch-off labels work best on smooth, non-porous materials that have a glossy surface.

Kieran Label Corporation has a team of experts who stand ready to guide you in selecting the optimal material for your scratch-off labels.

At KLC, we use modern label design and production techniques that make exceptional scratch-off labels for most environmental conditions. Right now, our scratch-off labels are used in different industries.

For more than thirty years, KLC has been proudly serving numerous small, mid-sized and large brands across the United States.

How We Make Scratch off labels for you

At Kieran Label Corporation, our team focuses on creating the highest-quality scratch-off labels. Our labels are specifically produced so the information printed beneath them can stay safe from different kinds of unfavorable environmental conditions.

We use both standard and custom shaped dies according to your design so the foil can be accurately adhered to the surface of the material. We make scratch-off labels in a variety of colors and shapes. All our labels keep the standard scratch-ability, which means our scratch-off labels take the same amount of effort to remove the scratch foil.

Our labels are easy to peel off and so you can apply them to most surfaces, except extremely rough ones such as brick.

What makes Kieran Label different from the rest?

Kieran Label Corporation is an award-winning label manufacturing company with three generations of industry experience. We are certified under ISO9001:2015 and work to continually improve our quality system and level of manufacturing excellence.

We are vertically-integrated label manufacturers and converters. We offer affordable label solutions across a wide spectrum of label needs.

So, if you’re looking for a reputable scratch-off label manufacturer, do not forget to approach Kieran Label Corporation.