Scratch & Sniff Labels

Make Your Products Appealing with Scratch & Sniff Labels

Scratch and Sniff Labels are a perfect method to promote your brand image or product properties by engaging the customer in the experience. These labels are manufactured through an encapsulation process which is why they last longer.

You can use these scratch-and-sniff labels to enable the potential customer to experience the fragrance of the product without purchasing and opening. These labels use microencapsulated oils, applied to the surface of paper labels with the flexographic printing process.

These essential oils are blended with water to create a slurry that is then mixed with adhesives for the printing process. The scented part of the sticker is scratch-release. When the customer scratches the surface, the capsules release a fragrance that matches your product.

Also known as Custom Scented Labels, scratch & Sniff Labels are a great way to add an unexpected benefit to your product labels.

These labels can be an effective tool to market a product or advertise your brand at an event. You can select from a wide range of scents that match your requirements. These labels are printed on a durable white paper label stock.

Scratch & Sniff Labels have been used on products like air fresheners, packaged foods, beauty products, and others. These labels are easy to scratch, so customers can scratch them easily to smell the scent, and then choose which scent is best for their boat, car, home, or personal use.

Scratch & Sniff Labels can encourage consumers to try your food, beauty, or household products. Add scratch and sniff product labels and make your product more engaging to your potential consumers.

Looking for a highly reputable business partner willing to help you design and produce custom scratch-and-sniff labels? Choose Kieran Label Corporation (KLC).We are a top-rated company in the industry and have the largest collection of high-quality scratch and sniff stickers.

No matter what type of labels you want for your products, we have the solution to meet or exceed your every requirement. Boost the overall look and quality of your products with our scented labels.

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When the labels are scratched by a fingernail or coin, the scent crystals inside break down and release a fragrance.

With Kieran Label Corporation, you may select from a variety of scents that can last up to a year. If you want, we can use the scents of your products to generate personalized and custom labels.

Our durable label material can stick easily on many different product surfaces and is easy to remove as well. The labels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes that can match your individual demands.

Our designers are eager to help you build the perfect labels with a strong adhesive, perfect size, and shape. We make sure your labels have the perfect butt-cut, and die-cut so that your products can stand out from the competition. These labels are generally made for products like soaps, perfumes, candles, etc. Sometimes they can be applied to promotional materials like postcards. Here are few ideas on where to use Scratch and Sniff Labels:
  • New brand launch
  • New items or products
  • Company newsletter
  • Direct mail
Manufactured in a wide range of a custom and standard sizes and shapes, we print these labels on different label materials.

Our Scratch & Sniff Labels are printed with complex multi-colored graphics which is normal for KLC. The common formats of our labels involve label sheets, single large, and roll format.

Scratch and sniff labels are a fun and engaging tool that can be used in many creative ways.

Do you have any creative idea for designing your scratch-and-sniff labels? We always welcome the fantastic ideas that our customers share with us. If you have any questions, call our customer service team or one of our designers. We are always here to help you.