Security Labels

Security labels provide a tamper-evident seal for equipment, file cabinets, windows, doors, boxes, and other kinds of containers. They are manufactured specially to provide protection to valuable items and critical equipment and componentry. Security Labels discourage tampering and offer security against fraud.

Are you looking for a reliable and reputable business partner to create high-quality security labels that fit within your budget? Kieran Label Corporation (KLC) is a great option to meet all your security labeling needs. All the security labels that we produce provide pressure-sensitive adhesion. All you have to do is peel them off and stick them to your products. Security Labels help you to:
  • Manage access to containers, files, and doors
  • Protect your products and equipment
  • Indicate possible pilfering or tampering
Affixing a security label can point out tampering. However, this anti-tamper feature may vary depending on the product.

Security labels with Void Adhesive

These security labels are designed from a tough silver or white polyester material and discourage any kind of tampering with equipment and products. When an attempt is made to move or remove the label, the word VOID displays on both the label and the surface of the product, thereby proving that tampering has occurred. These labels can be over-laminated to improve protection of the printed surface. This class of security label is excellent in situations where durability is needed, for example, resistance to chemicals, constant wiping, and exterior use.

Tamper Resistant Security Labels

These labels are made from a thin white vinyl with a powerful adhesive. When an attempt to move or remove occurs, the label breaks into different smaller parts, again signifying that tampering has occurred. It is almost impossible to remove the label as a single piece.


Both void and tamper resistant security labels can be sequentially numbered or barcoded. This type of label works very well for asset identification and product identification with your brand, serial numbers, etc.

Custom-made Security Labels

All types of security labels can be customized to meet your specifications. Customization can include your business logo and complete product information. They can be made in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to fit any need. The benefits of custom security labels include:
  • Heightened security compared to standard labels
  • Imprint your company name, logo, custom serial numbers, and custom text
  • Fast and reasonable service

Non-Residue Labels

This variety of security labels show only the VOID message. They do not leave any adhesive residue on the surface. Using non-residue label, you can secure your doors, windows, aircraft, plastic surfaces, access panels, and other similar items.

Residue Labels

These security labels do not show the void message on the label, but they do leave residual adhesive on the surface where they are applied.
  • Secure your envelopes, packaging, cartons, etc.
  • When removed, leaves adhesive residue on applied area

When You Select Kieran Label Corporation as Your Security Label Provider

Kieran Label Corporation has been satisfying customers with different types of label services to many industries for decades. Our experience allows us to provide reliable product high-quality security labels to prevent tampering, counterfeiting, and theft. When it comes to security labels, we can be your best choice as we provide:
  • Security labels with targeted security features
  • Cost-effective designs and solutions
  • Designs that help to enhance the image of your brand
  • Solutions which can integrate into existing production procedures easily

Our security labels functions include

  • Protect your products from unauthorized access
  • Conduct package track and trace and consumer engagement programs
  • Allow customers to confirm authenticity

Benefits of our security labels

  • Security features cannot be copied locally
  • Better brand engagement
  • Improved customer confidence
For more information about our security labels, contact KLC customer support representatives today. Talk to them and know more about our services in detail.