Two Sided Labels

Make Your Products More Engaging with Two-Sided Labels

Searching for a unique and powerful way to make your products stand out from the competition? Two-sided labels could well be the best solution to your problem.

Two-sided labels contain pertinent information about the product on both the front as well as the back of the label.

Two-sided labels are used in a variety of industries and can create a unique look to your product. Create your own two-sided labels for your product packaging and many other highly useful purposes.

Get the most out of your labels with two-sided printing. You can print the same design or same information on both sides of your labels. This type of label is an excellent method to boost the image and value of glass product containers, storefront doors or windows, and vehicle windows.

These labels are commonly used in product packaging as the holder of your brand image. The product name and vibrant images can be displayed on the front side, while other necessary information such as ingredient list, use instructions, and warnings can be shown on the back.

Two-sided labels are the perfect choice on clear packaging like glass bottles and jars.

Add Originality and Depth to Your Brand with Two-Sided or Double-Sided Labels

Whether you want a redesign of your original labels or just want to include more information about your product, ask Kieran Label Corporation how we can help you with two-sided labels.

Our designers and professional print team will work with you to find the best possible type of labels that meet your needs and complement your products.

The materials we use to create two-sided labels are wear-resistant and stay viable at a wide range of temperatures.

Our team has the tools and expertise necessary to develop top-quality and durable two-sided labels. Here are some benefits we provide to all of our customers:
  • No minimum order size
  • A great network of expert designers
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Extensive selection of adhesives and materials
  • Excellent service
  • Highly competitive service and solution pricing
  • Small run labels
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • High-quality materials and printing
  • A cost-effective solution
Two-sided labels are the perfect addition to make your product packaging engaging and improve shelf-appeal. With the finest graphics and precise printing, these labels express your brand image and the uniqueness of your products.

Features and Applications of Two-Sided Labels

Two-sided labels have various features and are widely used in different industries:
  • A wide variety of materials to fit your glass products’ shapes and types
  • Crystal clear labeling
  • Matte or gloss finishing choices
  • Varying shapes and sizes including wrap-around labels
  • Full-color printing capabilities for long-run needs
  • Used in beverages and foods
  • Textile and health industry
  • Cosmetics and gift, and others
Two-sided labels and tags are also common in the clothing industry with product information (brand, model, size, fabric, & price) on one side and care instructions on the opposite side.

We work closely with our customers to make all the necessary decisions. We will guide you through the label design and printing process. Our mission is to make label printing an easy task for brands and help them hit their desired goals.

Looking to know more about two-sided labels? Talk to our friendly customer service team today about your label needs so that we can bring your two-sided printing ideas come to life.Talk to our friendly customer service team today about your label needs so that we can bring your two-sided printing ideas to life.

Want custom two-sided labels for your brand? Fill out our online form and our team will respond promptly. The Kieran Label team is looking forward to working with you today.