Vitamin Labels

How to Customize Your Vitamin Labels With Kieran Label Corporation

We all understand the need for high-quality product labels in today’s marketplace. People are more concerned about the ingredients, risks and benefits of goods they purchase, and often want to read the labels before making a purchasing decision.

But a great, high-quality label can take market acceptance and sales to next levels. To improve the appeal and sales potential of your vitamin products in grocery or health-food stores, make certain that your labels tell the full story about what is inside. Obviously, it is also critical to meet FDA requirements for content, legibility and durability.

When you need a reliable and reputable partner to help you obtain high-quality and eye-catching labels, contact Kieran Label Corporation (KLC).

With decades of market experience, we have established processes to match FDA and other standards to fulfill customer needs and expectations.

KLC provides labels that comply with regulations and enhance the shelf-appeal of your products. Our only goal is to provide labels that convey your brand and product message along with other critical information (ingredients, usage instructions, expiration date, and more) to your audience.

We know that the integrity of your vitamin labels is our mutual highest priority and our quality materials make sure that your labels remain legible throughout the lifespan of your product.

We can also provide variable data printing that is necessary for the printing of serialized barcodes, consecutive numbers, multiple languages, etc.

The labels can be attached to various types of bottles storing any kind of vitamins or supplements.

Customize Your Vitamin Labels With KLC

Here are just a few suggestions to make your labels more exciting to your customers while still offering complete, compliant product information.
  • We can make your vitamin labels unique with the right material. We offer a wide selection of materials including matte, glossy, foil, clear, and more.
  • We offer multi-layer labels which are also known as hinge labels, expanded content labels, and booklet labels. These labels unfold properly with no adhesive residue or can be resealed.
  • We can produce flexible packets that work best for samples, special formulation packs, or single-serve portions.
From our large selection of label materials, you can rest assured that we will find the best possible option and design for your custom vitamin labels, and one that complements your brand identity.

We design and print using water-resistant, environmental-friendly, metalized, and many other vitamin bottle label materials, providing even more options to customize your vitamin labels.

The labels can be laminated to create a compelling appearance for your vitamin labels and give further protection.

No matter the size and shape of your vitamin bottles, our labels will be designed to work with them flawlessly.

Differentiate Your Vitamin Products with Labels from KLC

KLC vitamin labels deliver unmatched value and benefits, including:
  • High-quality from our ISO9001.2015 certified factory
  • Eco-friendly labels
  • High-durability
  • Great reliability
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Unlimited colors and designs
  • No set-up charges
  • Cost-effective solutions to match your needs
People are increasingly focused on staying fit and healthy. To strive for that lifestyle, customers want to buy vitamins bottles that look appealing and with highly descriptive information about the product inside.

Improve your brand image with high-quality labels on your vitamin bottles.Custom vitamin labels from KLC can improve consumer knowledge about your fine products, and also boost sales.

Our experienced label printing team will bring your ideas to life. And if you need a little help, please contact our creative artists, who are always ready to support you.

The advanced printing methods we utilize to print your vitamin labels will deliver clear copy and sharp graphics every time.

To the KLC team, business is always a partnership. Let us partner with you to achieve the best possible end result for your vitamin product labels.